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Gerard Malouf Partners Publications

Machine Operator Awarded $104,000 for TPD Benefit

Our client ceased work as a Machine Operator in July 2017 in the context of severe pain and dysfunction of the right shoulder region. Medical investigations confirmed a diagnosis of subacromial-subdeltoid bursitis, secondary to depression and anxiety.

Plaintiff Required ‘Prompting’ at Work, Awarded $149,400

In early 2015, our client presented to the Emergency Department at her local hospital in the context of a severe frontal headache which had persisted for more than a week. Clinical evaluations at the hospital confirmed a diagnosis of cerebral abscess. This predisposed her towards an acquired brain injury.

Compensation awarded to motorcycle rider who was injured when a truck driver drove through intersection

Our client was a motorcycle rider on his way to work driving along a road in the South West Region of Sydney. As he was driving along the straight stretch of road, a large truck pulled out in front of him by failing to comply with the stop sign and the T intersection and causing our client to brake and veer to the left to avoid hitting the truck. As a result, our client was thrown from the bike and slid along the roadway coming to a stop underneath the truck. He was trapped between the rear tyre and the trucks main body. He was dragged along the roadway before the truck came to a stop. There were witnesses at the scene of the accident. Police undertook an investigation of the accident and statements from the drivers and the witnesses and the driver was charged with negligent driving.