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GMP Superannuation Lawyers – Articles & Cases

What’s the difference between TPDs and TTDs?

Regardless of fault or cause, if a person suffers an injury or illness and is no longer able to work a normal job, superannuation and insurance claims could allow them to receive necessary compensation. TPD and TTD insurance claims are similar in Australia, but there are some important differences to be aware of.

Income insurance claim with exclusions settled for $80,000

Exclusions to insurance policies for pre-existing conditions are very common. However that does not mean they are uncontroversial, often insurers draft these to be vague and “open to interpretation”. Insurers hide behind these ambiguities to avoid payment.

TPD claim of $500,000 run by GMP approved in under 6 months

Mr P of Nelson Bay is our client for a TPD case. He was injured at work in 2012 in his lower back/lumbar spine. He had at that time hired another law firm to assist him. That firm ran both his Workers Compensation case and TPD claim. The TPD was not approved. The Workers Compensation claim was ultimately resolved but for far less than promised, and he was also disillusioned by the significant fees of that other firm.

Which professions are the least likely to have life insurance?

Life insurance can provide a vital financial safety net for people who sustain an injury or become ill. However, recent research has shown that professionals who need these policies the most may be failing to take out cover. Let’s see which jobs are the least likely to have insurance.

$45 Billion Merger: Kinetic Super and Sunsuper

It’s official. Kinetic Super has merged with Sunsuper. The $45 billion dollar merger was agreed upon back in early 2017 and has taken full effect as at 12 May 2018. It is expected the joint funds will have a combined $45 billion fund under management with over 100, 000 employers and 1.3 million members.

Successful TPD claim for lapsed insurance by GMP after previous lawyers had it declined

Mr E of Liverpool was injured in a work place accident when his leg was crushed at a construction site. As a result of the injury he sustained severe disabilities and had to cease work. Mr E had a Workers Compensation claim, which was conducted by another firm – that claim was uncontested and our client was awarded compensation. However this other firm had also lodged a claim for the superannuation held TPD insurance and which was declined.

Injured Cop successfully claims Blue Ribbon Insurance with help from GMP

Mr M was once a cop operating out of the Burwood Local Area Command in general duties as a senior constable. He suffered an injury whilst responding to a robbery and sustained physical injury in the ensuing altercation when he was knocked down several flights of stairs. This caused significant injury to Mr M’s back and there were spinal complications.

Does going on social media mean I am not TPD?

An insurer accessing a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) claim will often, in trying to find a way to decline the claim, subject the claimant to surveillance and investigation. Increasingly the insurer relies on Facebook and other social media activity to suggest a person is not as ill as they claim – particularly common in Mental Illness situation.

What financial support can disabled Australians access?

Nearly one in five Australians has a disability, which is the equivalent of approximately 4.3 million people. Of these, four-fifths suffer physical conditions, while the remaining one-fifth report mental and behavioural disorders. We explore what financial support is available to this demographic.

Can I claim workers compensation and income protection at the same time?

If you have sustained an injury, either at work or elsewhere, that prevents you from doing your job, there are important cover options to keep in mind. While there are differences between workers’ compensation and income protection, and some of these payments could be made at the same time, the first step is understanding which type of coverage is right for you.

How many Australian families have life insurance?

Life insurance offers families a financial safety net should an unexpected accident, illness or injury affect a loved one. But how many Australians currently have this type of cover? And do families have enough insurance should the worst happen? Let’s examine the research.

What surveillance techniques do insurers use to reject claims?

Insurers can use private investigators (PIs) to perform surveillance on people who make a claim against their policy. Some individuals report that PIs follow or harass them in an effort to obtain evidence that insurers can use to reject payouts. So what surveillance techniques are typically employed?