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The Latest Articles


SA: Q&A Spending limits and setting budgets

Question: Our bylaw mentions a $20k spending limitation for the management committee without the need for approval. Is this applied per project, broken down in stages or per year for the total of all expenditures? The post SA: Q&A Spending limits and setting budgets appeared first on LookUpStrata.


WA: EV grants for greener apartment buildings ‘a no brainer’

WA’s electric vehicle grants should be extended to apartment and other strata communities if we’re serious about greener cities, WA’s peak strata industry body said. The post WA: EV grants for greener apartment buildings ‘a no brainer’ appeared first on LookUpStrata.


NSW: What Types Of Documents Must An Owners Corporation Produce Upon Request?

The Owners Corporation had an obligation to make available for inspection any records “under the care and control of” the Owners Corporation, and this would include any registers which the strata manager is required to maintain. The post NSW: What Types Of Documents Must An Owners Corporation Produce Upon Request? appeared first on LookUpStrata.


How Can I Win My Family Law Matter? – Podcast Episode 59 in the podcast, Caralee discusses how you can ‘win’ your family law matter.There are many processes and ways to conduct your family law matter. It could be that you are doing it yourself, you’ve engaged lawyers, or you are in full-blown litigation and made applications to the court. Whatever it is, there are...


When hiring a good strata lawyer is a great idea

In this week’s Australian Financial Review I wrote about the value of good strata lawyers and the problems with bad ones. This was prompted by a chat with Amanda Farmer a well-known strata lawyer herself and host of the popular Your Strata Property podcast. Amanda forwarded a document from the Australian College of Strata...


ATO to take firmer action on debt collection

The Australian Tax Office has announced that whilst it remains committed to engaging with taxpayers about unpaid debts as the economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, where taxpayers don’t engage the Australian Tax Office, it is taking firmer actions. Such firmer action includes the issuance of 30 to 40 Director Penalty Notices each day, and...


Shareholders Agreements: The Essential Clauses You Can’t Afford to Miss.

The process involving a proper Shareholders Agreement should not be underestimated. If it is seen as a template filling exercise you are missing the point and potentially wasting your money on an inadequate process / document. Here are 8 clauses we often see missing from ‘template’ shareholders agreements: A trigger of a sale event when a...


Case Note: Brudenall v The Owners Corporation of Units Plan No 202 (Unit Titles) [2018] ACAT 113

This case followed Brudenall & Ors v Owners Corporation Units Plan No. 202 (Unit Titles) [2016] ACAT 101. By late 2016 the Owners Corporation was intent on undertaking roof repairs on all the class A and class B properties. At the general meeting of 15 November 2016, the Owners Corporation passed a resolution to...


Case Note: Rampala v The Owners – Units Plan 1330 (Unit Titles) [2018] ACAT 35

The applicant was one of the two registered owners of unit 1 in a unit titled complex owned by the respondent corporation. The applicant sought a merits review under section 129(1)(f) of the UTMA of two resolutions (motions 2 and 7) passed at its 2017 AGM. Motion 7 effectively sought the re-appointment of the...


Case Note: Brudenall & Anor v The Owners – Units Plan No 202 (Appeal) [2019] ACAT 96

The applicant appealed against the decision in Brudenall v The Owners Corporation of Units Plan No 202 (Unit Titles) [2018] ACAT 113, alleging 10 errors of fact and law. The Appeal Tribunal accepted that the Original Tribunal erred in fact by stating that the word ‘maintain’ was included in the wording of motion 5, while...


Consumers urged to check solar energy storage batteries due to fire risk

20 May 2022The ACCC is urging consumers to urgently check if their LG, SolaX or Opal home energy solar systems are affected by dangerous LG solar energy storage batteries which are under recall, and if so to contact the manufacturer, immediately. The batteries can overheat and catch fire, which could lead to serious injuries, death...


Company Powers of Attorney – what happens to your business if you lose mental capacity to handle your own affairs?

Zoe Penman. Attwood Marshall Lawyers · Law Talks – Zoe Penman – Company Power Of Attorney A Company Power of Attorney is a document put in place by a director of a company that appoints a person, or persons, or even another company, to act on its behalf which comes into operation if the...


Cyclist slams into opening car door: Uber driver responsible for passenger’s actions?

Benjamin Reynolds was cycling a familiar route from Crown Casino at the end of his work day to his home in Richmond on a sunny January evening in 2017. The Australian Open tennis tournament generated heavy traffic around Rod Laver Arena, through which he was required to navigate. Without warning, the car door of a stationary...


Was RI Advice a watershed for cybersecurity law in Australia or a damp squib?

We distil critical lessons from the Federal Court’s recent decision in Australian Securities and Investments Commission v RI Advice Group Pty Ltd.


Pact Group’s acquisition of Synergy Packaging not opposed

20 May 2022The ACCC will not oppose the proposed acquisition of Synergy Packaging Pty Ltd by Pact Group Holdings Ltd (ASX:PGH). Both Pact and Synergy manufacture and supply non-beverage rigid PET plastic containers. “Our investigation concluded that Pact is not a close competitor of Synergy and the acquisition was not likely to substantially lessen competition,” ACCC...


How to Prepare for Divorce With Children Involved

Separation and divorce is not easy on any parties involved, but it can be an especially difficult time for children. The process of separation and divorce can be quite complex and there is often a variety of legal considerations you will need to understand and work through to best serve your child’s, and your own...


What Is an Urgent Recovery Order And When Would You Need One In Qld?

As a parent, there are few situations more stressful than your child being unilaterally removed from your home by your ex-partner, particularly if your ex-partner refuses to bring them back. However, the Court has a legal mechanism that deals with unpermitted child relocation or abduction and can be implemented regardless of whether or not you...


Are Child Custody Rights for Fathers Different to Mothers?

When it comes to separation and divorce in Australia, there is a long-held misconception that a mother will get primary custody of any shared children over the father. While many mothers are indeed primary carers for their children, they are not automatically awarded custody by the courts. We share below what the Court will consider, and...


Surrogacy in the Northern Territory

In this video, Accredited Family Law Specialist and Page Provan Director Stephen Page discusses the current state of surrogacy in the Northern Territory and how it’s about to change. Transcript G’day. I’m Stephen Page from Page Provan Family and Fertility Lawyers. And today I’m talking about surrogacy in the Northern Territory or really what’s about to...


Beyond Sanctions: Regulation Around the World

As a result of recent events in Ukraine, and the economic sanctions imposed on Russia, there are a number of potential issues facing financial institutions.