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NSW: Q&A Renovations, Design or Building Works to Strata Buildings

Question: What new laws came into effect in July 2021 requiring greater certification, including the involvement of an approved architect for renovations to strata lots? The post NSW: Q&A Renovations, Design or Building Works to Strata Buildings appeared first on LookUpStrata.


NSW: Q&A Can we get a better return on our Capital Works Fund?

Question: Can we move part of our capital works fund into a term deposit or shares to get a better return on investment? The post NSW: Q&A Can we get a better return on our Capital Works Fund? appeared first on LookUpStrata.


NSW: Landmark Ruling: Relevant for Any Owners Corporation with Combustible Cladding on Their Building

On 18 October 2021, the NSW Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment in the case of Taylor Construction Group Pty Ltd v The Owners – Strata Plan No. 92888 [2021] NSWSC 1315, confirming that biowood cladding is combustible cladding that poses a risk of fire spread between levels on the façade of an apartment...


Promoting a more competitive ad tech industry

22 October 2021A competitive ad tech supply chain is important for Australian advertisers, publishers and ultimately consumers, ACCC Chair Rod Sims said today. Speaking at a Global Competition Review webinar about the ACCC’s Digital advertising services inquiry, Mr Sims said that without strong competition in the ad tech supply chain advertisers and publishers pay more...


The Changes to the Family Law System

In this video, AccreditedFamily Law Specialist Bruce Provan keeps us in the loop on the changes to the family law system. The post The Changes to the Family Law System appeared first on


Airbnb registry in play but fire safety on back burner

It has almost been forgotten during the great Covid exodus of foreign tourists, and the intermittent border closures in Australia, but NSW is about to impose its long-awaited compulsory registry of holiday rental homes. Short-term holiday rental hosts are being advised to get their properties on the register before it becomes mandatory on November...


5 Common Legal Issues For Restaurant Owners and How to Avoid Them

If you have decided to buy or start a restaurant, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the legal matters to arrange. Having an understanding of issues that might arise in advance will help you to avoid them. In addition, having a basic understanding of all relevant issues will ensure you have peace of...


What are the associated costs with a Workers Compensation claim?

What are the associated costs with a workers compensation claim? There are no legal costs charged to a client in a statutory workers compensation matter. In New South Wales the legal costs are paid completely by the Independent Review Office (IRO). In order for IRO to provide a grant of legal funding for a matter, IRO...


Why has my NSW workers compensation claim been “reasonably excused?”

*The contents in this blog relates to legislation in New South Wales. In NSW after receiving notification of a workplace injury, a workers compensation insurer is obligated to either determine liability, or commence provisional weekly payments (sometimes referred to as provisional acceptance of liability) within seven days. However, an insurer does not have to determine...


Senate report on digital assets released

The Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre has issued its long-awaited report into digital assets markets and regulation (Report).


Deal profile | Gadens advises Cbus Property as they become partners in ACRT, Australia’s largest retail transaction

Gadens has advised Cbus Property as they joined together with UniSuper, one of Australia’s leading superannuation funds, to form a partnership with AMP Capital, one of the largest direct real estate fund managers in the Asia-Pacific. The new AMP Capital Retail Trust (ACRT) partnership has taken the majority ownership of Pacific Fair in Queensland,...


Lucky Number 7: Seven and 7-Eleven in Trademark War?

KEY TAKE-OUTS: Seven West Media is demanding 7-Eleven remove their trademark over the number ‘7’. Trademarks are important to register your exclusive use of a mark relevant and unique to your brand. A trademark is different to registering your business name. Is it lucky number 7 or unlucky number 7? Seven West Media, commonly known as the Channel...


Adventure World has issued an apology to visitors after sparking a furious backlash over its “weigh before you play” rule | 98.5 Sonshine FM | 20 October 2021

Simon Creek, Executive Chairman, Nationally Accredited Mediator, featured on Sonshine FM to discuss Adventure World’s “body-shaming” weigh-in stations. Please listen to the segment below. [audio src="" /] The post Adventure World has issued an apology to visitors after sparking a furious backlash over its “weigh before you play” rule | 98.5 Sonshine FM | 20 October 2021 appeared first...


Court win for grieving Queensland woman after 4-year delay to administer deceased mother’s estate: Executors removed and Administrator appointed

Martin Mallon, discusses the distressing and drawn out 4-year Court battle of Ms Paula Maree Milne, who was left a portion of her mother’s estate in 2017 and has now finally obtained the closure she deserves. The issue For the children of the late Melodee Marion May Milne, it has been a draining and...


2021 is the year for milestones: Attwood Marshall Lawyers celebrates 75th anniversary

Attwood Marshall Lawyers continues to connect with the community, embrace change and innovation, and forge ahead to celebrate exciting milestones in 2021. Attwood Marshall Lawyers traces its foundations to post World War Two 1946 when the late Eric Attwood set up practice as a solicitor in the Tweed Heads – Coolangatta area. Mr Attwood...


Is your property ready for the next stage of the smoke alarm rollout?

Background Following the 2011 Slacks Creek house fire which remains Australia’s worst fatal house fire, the Queensland Government introduced changes to fire safety laws in 2017 to ensure all residents are given the best chance of survival. Expert reports leading up to the changes highlighted the need for each dwelling (houses, townhouses (Class 1A) and...


NAT: I live in an apartment. How can I cut my risk of getting COVID?

Governments are pressing ahead with home quarantine for returning travellers and people are isolating at home due to COVID-19. So now is a good time to think about what you can do to reduce your risk of infection if you live in an apartment. The post NAT: I live in an apartment. How can I...


ACT: Most new homes in the nation’s capital will be strata, ACT budget reveals

Three quarters of new dwellings to be built in the Australian Capital Territory over the next five years will be strata titled. The post ACT: Most new homes in the nation’s capital will be strata, ACT budget reveals appeared first on LookUpStrata.


NAT: Reinsurance Pool Design – Challenges

Failure in design of the reinsurance pool will mean that many policy holders will continue to have the same issues and problems that have been brought to the government's attention over many years. The post NAT: Reinsurance Pool Design – Challenges appeared first on LookUpStrata.


Pros and Cons of Issuing Shares to Contractors

If you are a startup founder, you may have engaged a contractor to provide services to help your business grow. If you are grappling with limited cash flow during this process, you are not alone! Founders often look for alternative ways to pay contractors for their services. One method of payment is issuing shares...