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Drive to entice insurers back to high-rise buildings

Buyers of off-the-plan high-rise apartments in NSW might soon be able to claim on insurance for any defects arising within the first 10 years in a massive game-changer for the apartments sector, writhe Sue williams in the Sydney Morning Herald. Unlike for all other new homes, there’s been no home warranty insurance available for...


Run Against Racism: Sprinting past the US$300,000 fundraising goal

Norton Rose Fulbright personnel came together to raise funds and awareness for the firm's 2021 Global Charitable Initiative of fighting racism and championing social justice.


NSW: Upgrade That Balustrade!

The case cuts against the long held view that the provisions of the Building Code of Australia are not retrospective and that an owners corporation does not have to upgrade an unsafe balustrade to comply with the Code. The post NSW: Upgrade That Balustrade! appeared first on LookUpStrata.



在公共场合受伤案件中可以申请什么类型的索赔? 如果受害者(通过律师)成功地证明了在事故发生处的业主或居住者对其伤害的产生存在疏忽责任的话,那么根据《民事责任法2002》和《普通法》伤者将有权利获得由于受伤而导致的损失赔偿。 简言之,伤者也许有权获得包括以下几项赔偿: 伤残疼痛损失:这是赔偿伤者所遭受的疼痛和痛苦的损失。受伤者的伤势将根据“最极端严重情况”为标准进行评估。最极端严重情况的案例包括四肢瘫痪、半身不遂或类似极其严重的受伤情况。届时,由法庭根据百分比为标准进行裁决,决定受伤的程度以及与极端情况对比伤势对受伤者造成的影响。 例如,按照极端受伤情况的标准,伤者被评估比例为30%,综合根据他们的受伤情况以及伤势对他们过正常生活所造成的影响程度,那么他们将有权利获得158,000澳币的伤残疼痛赔偿。 医疗治疗费用:受伤者有权利获得所有合理且有必要的医疗治疗费用的赔偿。这包括一直到开庭结案日为止所产生的治疗费用并且还包括一笔未来产生的治疗费用,这笔费用根据所提交给法庭的证据来决定。 受伤者还可获得工资损失或相关经济损失:如果受伤者由于伤势而不能上班,遭受了工资损失,那么他们将有权利获得工资损失赔偿。还有一种津贴是用于赔偿未来经济失或寻找工作能力的损失。 有一些经济损失索赔情况十分复杂。例如,如果受伤者是自雇型人士或是自我创业者,那么将很难精准的确定由于受伤而造成收入损失的具体数额。这将需要相应领域的专家会计师的报告来体现伤者已经产生或将会产生的损失程度。 为受伤者提供的家政服务或看护费用的赔偿:《民事责任法》规定可以根据此类服务来申请索赔,以平均每周的花费为计算标准。如果为受伤者提供的家政服务不少于每周6小时并且至少持续提供帮助6个月以上,索赔可以一直持续到开庭审理日甚至未来需求。 医疗特殊需求的索赔:这包括轮椅、房屋改建、车辆改建以及其它由于受伤而直接引起的费用以方便伤者起居和行动。 受伤者还有权利申请过错方为其支付一定比例的律师费用。 受伤者获得的赔偿数额,将取决于代表他们的律师方所提交给法庭的证据以及案件发生的具体情况。审案时法庭会依据一系列先前的判决案例为参考,最终还是根据案件的具体情况以及所提交的证据做出裁决。 所有案件都可以通过受伤方和事故责任方之间达成协议的方式进行和解。通常双方进行磋商,如果可以就赔偿数额达成协议的话,那么将向法庭提交和解条款予以通过批准,这样就可以避免正式开庭审理的复杂过程。 如果您受伤了并且有可能向事发地的业主或居住者提出索赔诉讼的话,欢迎尽早致电Brydens 律师行,某些具体案件可能有严格的追溯有效期。欢迎通过以下联系方式致电Brydens 律师行或访问网站 Brydens律师行-您的公共责任索赔专家。 The post 在公共场合受伤案件中可以申请什么类型的索赔? appeared first on Brydens Lawyers.


What is a Family Report in Parenting Proceedings?

If you and your former partner haven’t been able to agree in relation to parenting matters, and an application has been made to the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court (“the Court”) for orders in relation to parenting, then the Court, the Independent Children’s Lawyer (if one has been appointed) or any of the...


What Prompted this Lawyer to Dedicate His Career to Family & Fertility Law

In this episode of the Page Provan, Family and Fertility Law Podcast, we turn the spotlight on Accredited Family Law Specialist and Multi-Award Winning Lawyer, Stephen Page. The post What Prompted this Lawyer to Dedicate His Career to Family & Fertility Law appeared first on


YSP Podcast Episode 280. Is it time to reopen the pool?|Retrieving refundable bottles from the bins

Reena and I cover: public outdoor pools are reopening in NSW. What does this mean for our strata pools? is it legal for residents to take refundable bottles and cans from the bins? the talented chairperson able to calm a very difficult resident, and finally, the new law permitting us to enforce Tribunal orders. Listen...


Timeline of a Family Provision Claim (Contesting a Will)

April Kennedy, explains the process that takes place when someone contests a Will and some tips on bringing a claim. Attwood Marshall Lawyers · Law Talks – April Kennedy – Timeline Of A Family Provision Claim A Family Provision Claim, commonly referred to as ‘contesting a Will’, is a claim that is filed by...


What is the difference between indemnity and guarantee in commercial contracts?

Same, same … but different In a basic sense, providing indemnity and providing a guarantee may be seen as the same. Both provide protection in the event that things don’t go as planned. Both are used as legal vehicles to decide where risk lies, and reduce, or even eliminate, exposure to a risk. However, these instruments...


New Legislative Framework for Regulated Substances in QLD

For any individuals or businesses involved in the supply, possession, storage, transport, disposal or licensing of medicines, poisons, pesticides, fumigants, and prohibited substances (collectively known as regulated substances), a new legislative framework in about to overhaul the status quo in Queensland. From 27 September 2021, the regulations supporting the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and...


The Need for a Safety Plan in Bad Relationships

In this video, Page Provan Fertility & Family Lawyers Director and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Stephen Page talks about your safety in bad relationships and making sure you have a safety plan in place. The post The Need for a Safety Plan in Bad Relationships appeared first on


Senior employee wins psych damages claim for reasonable management action taken unreasonably

An employee of a regional council centered on Moranbah in the Bowen Basin has won a ruling that the management action that caused an adjustment disorder as a result of a disciplinary proceeding that was reasonable management action taken unreasonably. Trevor Maher joined the Isaac Regional Council as a Regulatory Services Program Leader in March...


5 Unfair Business Practices To Avoid In Australia

When running a business you always want to be operating legally. If you stray outside the law you might find yourself out of pocket, out of business or worse! Unfair business practices are heavily penalised and prohibited by Australian Consumer Law. To make sure you are running your business fairly we have compiled five...


Social Media Marketing: Rewarding, But Potentially Dangerous?

Social media is great for getting your business out there. Publicity and profitability often go hand in hand. In today’s world, there is no platform better for gaining publicity than social media. If you are just starting up your business you should seriously consider using social media as a tool for improving your business. However,...


Does The Law Favour Women? – Podcast Episode 39

Welcome back to another episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast! Today Caralee is joined by Collective Family Law’s Mark Jackway to cover the discussion about whether or not the law favours women. A common thought or myth is that men in Family Law circumstances can end up with unfair outcomes. The [...] The post...


The new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia – what does the Court merger mean for me?

The ‘court merger’ represents the bringing together of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia into a unified structure called the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. Under legislation which passed through Parliament on 18 February 2021,* the Australian Government has introduced structural reforms in an attempt to reduce the inefficiencies,...


Why use Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve your family law matter?

In our latest Family Law Blog, our expert Jessica Strangio outlines the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve family law matters


Settlement for tragic stillbirth for our Aboriginal client

WARNING TO READERS WHO ARE ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER. This story talks about people who have died. Our team of health lawyers successfully settled a case for damages for our client against a NSW Local Health District in rural NSW after her baby boy delivered stillbirth. A Jagera woman, our client was 28 weeks pregnant...


My employer is refusing to provide my final pay upon leaving my job – what are my options?

My employer is refusing to provide my final pay upon leaving my job – what are my options? Upon finalisation of any employment and employer must pay the employee all their entitlements including wages and minimum superannuation contributions. If your employer is refusing to provide you with your final pay upon leaving your job, your...


Pointon Partners Golf Webinar – the World’s top 100 courses

Pointon Partners hosted a golfing webinar yesterday featuring John Cornish. John is one of only 49 people worldwide to have completed all of Golf Magazine’s top 100 golf courses in the world, including Whistling Straits – this year’s Ryder Cup venue. The webinar was recorded, should you want to watch [...] The post Pointon Partners...