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Allens Construction & Major Projects publications

Focus: Draft NSW long-term transport plan released

With the release of its draft long-term transport plan, the NSW Government has signalled that it will look to the private sector to assist in financing future transport projects. Partner Nigel Papi and Senior Associate Lixian Liang report.

Focus: Significant projects and Infrastructure facilities in Queensland – Proposed changes to the approval process and the powers of the Coordinator-General

In brief: Proponents and operators of major projects in Queensland need to be aware of important proposed changes that will impact upon the assessment and approval process for ‘significant projects’ and ‘infrastructure facilities of significance’, and the disposal of land in State Development Areas. Partner Bill McCredie, Senior Associate Anna Vella and Lawyer Gobind Kalsi report.

Focus: WA case clarifies scope of possible challenges to adjudicator’s decision

A recent Supreme Court of Western Australia decision has found that a party aggrieved by an adjudicator’s decision that he or she has jurisdiction to make a determination, or who considers that there has been a denial of natural justice, can apply to the court for a declaration that the determination is invalid. Also, the existence of an offsetting debt is not grounds for refusing leave to enforce a determination. Senior Associate Jeremy Quan-Sing and Lawyer Leila Peggs report.

Focus: Arbitration Quarterly

We look at a decision of the High Court of India that should make it easier to enforce foreign awards in that country; whether judicial acts are ‘acts of state’ for the purpose of the act of state doctrine; a notice of investment dispute that has been issued to the Mongolian Government under the bilateral investment treaty between Singapore and Mongolia; competition law as a ‘mandatory’ law for arbitration in Australia; and a decision to stay court proceedings in favour of arbitration made in the context of multiple agreements governed by multiple laws.

Focus: Security of payment – what’s spam got to do with it?

The New South Wales Supreme Court has reaffirmed that parties are entitled to relief from an adjudication determination where there has been jurisdictional error or where they have not been afforded natural justice. Partner Brian Millar, Senior Associate Lee Moore and Lawyer Trieste Corby consider the implications of this decision.

Focus: Raising the industrial relations bar in NSW

With the release of its draft industrial relations guidelines, the NSW Government is attempting to introduce a more stringent regime governing public sector construction best practice than the current Federal regime. Partner Nigel Papi and Lawyer Stuti Sethi report.

Focus: Letters of intent – to bind or not to bind?

Recently, the Full Court of the Federal Court considered whether a letter of intent with a ‘subject to contract’ clause was binding and, consistent with a recent UK decision, confirmed that the courts will, in the absence of any express statement, look at the objective intention of the parties in determining whether such a letter is binding. Partner Nigel Papi and Senior Associate Lee Moore consider the implications of this decision.

Focus: Failing to respond on time

The consequences of a party’s failure to serve an adjudication response within the timeframe set by WA’s security of payment legislation was highlighted by a recent Supreme Court of Western Australia decision. Partner Stephen McComish, Senior Associate Jeremy Quan-Sing and Lawyer Samantha Lord report.

Focus: Security of payment – mixed messages

The Queensland Supreme Court has further clarified the requirements for payment claims under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act, sending mixed messages to the wider construction industry. Partner Ren Niemann and Lawyers Matt Thomas and Goran Gelic report on this decision and its implications.

Focus: What if you disagree with a referee?

The New South Wales Court of Appeal has recently confirmed the principles underpinning the exercise of a court’s discretion to adopt, vary or reject a referee’s report. The decision highlights the limited basis on which such a decision can be challenged, particularly when the challenge relates to factual findings made by a referee. Partner Brian Millar, Senior Associate Lee Moore and Lawyer James Gonczi examine this decision.

Focus: An unhappy Christmas tale!

A recent NSW Supreme Court case highlights the importance of being aware of time periods (especially around holiday periods) in relation to progress payment claims. Partner Michael Hollingdale and Law Graduate Emma Cundale look at the consequences of a failure to adhere to the strict requirements for the service and response to progress payment claims.

Focus: Uncertain times ahead – the Queensland Building Services Authority no longer!

The Queensland Government recently launched its ‘Ten Point Action Plan’ which it proposes will restructure the regulation of Queenland’s construction industry. As part of that process, the Queensland Building Services Authority will be replaced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Partner Ren Niemann and Lawyer Goran Gelic report on this development and its implications.